Our Collaborative Model

Our Collaborative Model

High Impact Treatments for Rare Disease Patients

Recent advances in the molecular understanding of rare diseases have created an opportunity for Cydan to advance existing breakthrough research by de-risking programs to develop new treatments. Cydan targets therapeutic approaches that have significant clinical and quality of life impact for patients.

Working with Cydan: Innovation in Rare Diseases

Our business model provides scientific and operational expertise to enable subsequent financing and formation of new companies focused on the treatment of rare diseases. This model positions Cydan to create new biotechnology companies focused on addressing critical unmet medical needs.

To achieve this goal, Cydan:

  • Evaluates opportunities across therapeutic areas in rare diseases
  • Considers opportunities across diverse platform technologies (e.g., small molecule, protein, peptide and AAV)
  • Focuses on rare diseases with a characterized genetic etiology
  • Conducts de-risking experiments utilizing CROs or academic laboratories with expertise in the proposed studies
  • Performs de-risking experiments that include pharmacology, toxicology or clinical studies
  • Seeks lead candidates compatible with our approach

Working with Cydan: A New Model for Drug Development & Collaboration

Cydan enters into collaborations with academic centers, patient foundations and biopharmaceutical companies with the goal of enabling drug development and new company creation to develop therapeutics for rare diseases.

Cydan is utilizing an externally focused, highly collaborative, transparent and capital efficient model:

  • Cydan works with organizations and foundations to identify assets that fit our development model and builds long-term relationships to maximize value
  • Cydan works closely with scientists, clinicians and non-profit or industry research organizations to de-risk programs and accelerate “go” / “no-go” development decisions
  • De-risking data takes into account development and regulatory requirements to enable a seamless transition into a new, venture capital-funded, company and/or for partnering with a biopharmaceutical company
  • Cydan welcomes working with biopharma for assets that cannot be accommodated with internal resources or due to changes in priorities
  • Cydan impacts the development of new treatments for rare diseases by operating in a milestone-driven, capital efficient manner
  • Cydan welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other organizations providing non-dilutive funding to enable de-risking of programs to accelerate R&D decisions