Accelerating Science To Therapy

We rapidly advance potential rare disease therapeutics from the lab to the patient.

We rapidly advance potential rare disease therapeutics from the lab to the patient.

Cydan is focused on accelerating impactful therapies for patients with rare genetic diseases. We start with promising drug candidates and compelling scientific idea from collaborators in academia and industry and efficiently advance the potential therapy using our de-risking process through pre-clinical development. If our de-risking process is successful, we launch an independent company to progress the potential therapy through clinical development to commercialization. Cydan companies are funded by syndicate of leading VCs, accelerating company formation and the development of therapies for people living with rare genetic diseases.

We work fast. How?

Cydan accelerates early-stage research projects into clinical development programs by bringing together an experienced, collaborative, successful team of drug developers to rigorously test the hypothesis and expand the supporting data to establish a new company to rapidly advance potential rare disease therapeutics.  The Cydan team spans the entire drug development process from discovery to clinical development and commercialization.

Accelerate Science

  • Critical experiments in pharmacology, toxicology and process development are conducted in parallel to ensure that projects move forward as quickly as possible
  • Our highly-networked team works to accelerate the path to clinical testing through its connections with collaborators, scientists, clinicians, regulators, consultants, CROs and CMOs
  • Broad therapeutic modality expertise covering small molecules, proteins and genetic therapies (AAV, oligonucleotides)
  • Understanding of regulatory pathways leads to innovative and efficient clinical development path

Accelerate Business Development

  • Efficient processes allow for a rapid go/no go decision within three to six months, much more rapid feedback than other potential development or financial partners
  • Seamless funding from research to clinical-proof of concept streamlines drug development and the establishment of a new company
  • Access to capital for both derisking and NewCo creation is a key advantage compared to other accelerator models in biotech
  • With funding in place, new company management teams can focus on development and approval of medicines