Drug Development Partners

Novel ideas come from many places. We’ll help you advance them on the path to patients.

Novel ideas come from many places. We’ll help you advance them on the path to patients.

Cydan accelerates compelling scientific ideas and promising rare disease therapies, through preclinical development to human proof of concept and beyond. Successful programs are spun out by Cydan and funded as independent companies to advance the therapies through human clinical studies.

To do this, we collaborate with a wide range of scientists and clinicians in academia, government organizations, biotech, pharma companies and patient advocacy groups.

Originators of Compelling Science

The Cydan team travels the world to identify compelling scientific ideas for potential development. We know novel ideas come from many places, and we are experienced in identifying them and evaluating their potential pathway to patients.

The Cydan team researches the scientific literature, visits universities, and attends scientific and medical conferences to identify these compelling therapies that have the potential to significantly impact monogenic rare diseases and change the lives of patients.

Working with the Cydan team was one of the best industry-academic collaborations I have ever participated in. The team was knowledgeable and the experience is one I would definitely repeat. The project moved quickly and had definite and well-marked goals.”
Marshall Summer, The Children’s National Health System

Cydan collaborations have arisen from:

  •  Academic laboratories: We are working with a clinical researcher from a leading US research hospital to develop new therapies for inborn errors of metabolism based on his pioneering work.
  • Government labs: We worked with the NIH NCATS group to advance a program for Niemann Pick C into a pivotal clinical study through our spin out Vtesse.
  • Small biopharma/biotech startups: We have embarked on programs that could change patients’ lives based on molecules that no longer fit a company’s strategic focus. We are advancing technologies from a start-up that could give rise to new therapies for a class of genetic diseases.
  • Large pharma R&D We are working with a pharma company to develop shelved molecules for new indications and give hope to patients with hemoglobinopathies.