Future Management Teams

Passionate, focused leaders committed to advancing therapies for patients with rare diseases.

Passionate, focused leaders committed to advancing therapies for patients with rare diseases.

The Cydan team is focused on accelerating the launch of new companies dedicated to bringing much needed therapies to people living with rare diseases, and these companies need teams with that same passion and focus. We are always looking for leaders with rare disease drug development and business development experience.

The leadership teams of Cydan NewCos hold a distinct advantage in that they are taking over development of an internally de-risked asset by Cydan, with robust data, and a clear clinical and regulatory development pathway. The Cydan team collaborates with the future management team members on developing the NewCo development strategy and is supported by the Cydan team in raising the capital to get to demonstrate clinical proof of concept in patients. With funding in place, NewCo leadership can focus on the advancing the therapy through human clinical development.

Calling Passionate Entrepreneurs

When Cydan launches a new company from one of its programs, we hire the lead member(s) of the executive team who are focused on developing orphan drugs for patients with rare diseases. They in turn build out their teams as needed.  These are some of roles we know we may be seeking to join our NewCo teams: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Business Officer.

“The Cydan model provides a unique opportunity to biotech CEOs and entrepreneurs in two ways. First, their model of de-risking and accelerating programs allows a CEO to lead organizations built on solid proof of concept data. Second, Cydan company creation brings a syndicate of top biotech investors to support NewCo formation. As Cydan NewCo CEO, you are also part of something much bigger with an opportunity to continually observe ongoing development in Orphan Disease.”
Abraham N. Ceesay, Chief Executive Officer, Tiburio Therapeutics